Alumni Profiles m-Z

This list is compiled by the Alumni and Development Office based on our knowledge of the current whereabouts of Greenwich alumni. We are constantly collecting new information connected with this. If you are aware of other former Greenwich students that have gone on to achieve notable success in their fields and who you feel ought to be included in our list, please contact us at

Brian Manley

Brian Manley CBE (1953 Physics)
Formerly Chairman of AT &T Network Systems (UK) Ltd and Pye Telecommunications Ltd.

Baron Marsh

Baron Marsh (Woolwich Polytechnic)
Politician and businessman. Minister of Power, 1966-68, Minister of Transport, 1968-70, Chairman, British Railways Board, 1971-76. MP for Greenwich, 1959-71.

Paul Marson Smith

Paul Marson-Smith (1984 Business Studies)
Chief Executive, Gresham (private equity specialist).

John Mavor

John Mavor (Woolwich Polytechnic)
Formerly Vice-Chancellor of Napier University, Edinburgh.

Robert Naylor

Robert Naylor (1972 Applied Chemistry)
Chief Executive, University College London Hospitals.

Norman Pace

Norman Pace (1975 BEd)
Comedian and actor. One half of the Hale and Pace duo, he first met Gareth Hale at Avery Hill College.

Ann Packer

Ann Packer (now Brightwell) MBE (1963 Dartford College of Physical Education)
Gold medal-winning athlete. Won the gold medal in the 800 metres at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Ailsa Petchey (1993 Business Studies)
Co-founder, Virgin Bride.

Richard Pybus

Richard Pybus (1991 Cert Ed FE)
Cricket coach. Coached the Pakistan national team, whom he guided to the final of the World Cup in 1999, and the Border Province in South Africa. Currently coach of Eastern Titans, again in South Africa.

Eric Reid

Eric Reid (1950 Applied Chemistry, Woolwich Polytechnic)
Director (and previously Chairman) of the Association of Retired and Persons of 50 (ARP 050), the UK’s leading social and campaigning membership organisation for seniors. Vice President of EURAG (European arm).

Colin Richards (1965 PGCE, Avery Hill College)
Educationalist. Formerly Assistant Director of Inspection (Primary Education) in Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education).

George Rose

George Rose (1972 Business Studies)
Group Finance Director, BAE Systems.

Rav Singh

Rav Singh (1996 Cultural Studies)
Formerly showbusiness reporter at the News of the World, now reporting for Reveal magazine. Previously deputy editor on the Sun's 'Bizarre' column, he won the Showbusiness Reporter of the Year Award at the British Press Awards in both 2002 and 2004.

Peter Skinner

Peter Skinner (1992 PGCE HE)
MEP, South East England.

Kevin Stanford (Mechanical Engineering, Thames Polytechnic)
Retail entrepreneur. Co-founder of the Karen Millen fashion chain.

William G Stewart

William G Stewart (Woolwich Polytechnic)
Broadcaster, producer and writer. Also presenter of Fifteen-to-One on Channel Four.

Hilary Strong

Hilary Strong (1975 Avery Hill College)
Director, Greenwich Theatre.

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas (1992 PGCE FE)
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development (DfID). MP, Harrow West since 1997.

Michele Verroken

Michele Verroken (Dartford College of Physical Education)
Director of Ethics and Drug Free Sport at UK Sport, 1986-2004

Keith Warren

Keith Warren (Woolwich Polytechnic)
Electronic engineer and technical director. Formerly Technical Director of Plessey Group and Managing Director of Advanced Development & Research, Keith later became Technical Director of the company that designed and manufactured the first practical small hand-held cellular phones and was joint founder of the company which created the software that provides protection on CDs and videos.