Meet the Mayor of London’s Entrepreneur interns

20 Mayor’s Entrepreneur interns from 16 universities across London

Two students tell us how Greenwich is helping them on their entrepreneurial journeys

Students Wiktor Karolewski and Nathan Abraham share a passion for innovation and improving the places in which we live.

Both have been selected to promote the Mayor’s Entrepreneur 2018 competition to students across London. They will be running workshops to help connect students with like-minded mentors who can help refine business ideas.

Tell us about yourselves?

Wiktor: I’m a third-year accounting and finance student. For the last two years, I have also been running an accountancy firm that I set up two years ago. I am currently working at City Hall to promote The Mayor of London prize.

Nathan: I am in my fifth year of an architecture course. In the summer I started an architecture magazine, and I am also interning with the Mayor of London.

Nathan, how did you start your architecture magazine?

I wanted to learn more about architects and designers, how they set up their companies from the beginning and the process of creative architecture. So I went around interviewing architects and learning from them.

Wiktor, how did you start your firm and what was the inspiration?

I started it in July 2015 straight after college. The primary motivator was my dad; he said: “just do it”. I had worked in accountancy before, and that’s what I want to do as a business.

What message or advice would you give to current students?

Wiktor: I would say just get involved in any opportunities whether they are at university or outside.

Nathan: When I started in the first year, I was shy, nervous and scared of talking to people. So I got involved in a society and set some up including the Entrepreneur Society. I’d strongly recommend any student to get involved in societies because that’s where you can get real experience.

I’d also recommend getting involved in things like the Mayor of London internships because it gives you extra opportunities to meet students from universities across London, which is vital in building your network.

What are your career aspirations?

Nathan: Once I complete my masters in architecture, I’d like to continue with my magazine, build a team of architects and designers, and take it forward to create better spaces in London.

Wiktor:  At the moment I’m thinking about doing a masters in sustainable energy futures as I’d like to combine the two perspectives and skills to create a viable business in the future as sustainable energy can change the way we live.

Nathan: He could be the next Elon Musk!

What makes you #ProudtobeGre?

Wiktor: The people are great. The diversity, the nationalities, different backgrounds and societies.

Nathan: When I started at Greenwich, I was blown away by how many international students are here. You can learn so much from different cultures, and that’s been interesting.

Wiktor Karolewski and Nathan Abraham

“I am part of the architecture school where the tutors push us to create work that is different and work that we believe in.”

Nathan Abraham

How did you get involved with the Mayor of London Internships?

Nathan: I was part of the competition last year, as an applicant. I didn’t have an idea, but I went to the workshop, which was beneficial as I met two students and we formed a team.

We sat in a coffee shop late at night and developed an idea and took it from there. I learnt a lot of skills, including how to present my ideas with clarity and put forward an elevator pitch.

How has the University of Greenwich helped you get where you are?

Wiktor: My university experience has given me a lot of confidence, meeting people from different nationalities and communicating with different people. I have also worked at the university, so I have expanded my skills.

The most significant skill I have developed is communication and confidence such as speaking in front of people and delivering presentations at work or in my course.

Nathan: I am part of the architecture school where the tutors push us to create work that is different and work that we believe in. So from my experience, just having that belief from the tutors is helping me to become a confident designer.

“My university experience has given me a lot of confidence, meeting people from different nationalities and communicating with different people.”

Wiktor Karolewski

The Mayor’s Entrepreneur brings students together from across London universities to come up with innovative ideas to improve the city.

Students – you! –  have the opportunity to win £20,000 and gain mentorship from City Hall and industry experts.

Applications are now open, and students have until 18 February 2018 to apply

If you want to discuss your idea, or have any questions, then please get in touch with them. Good luck!

Wiktor Karolweski and Nathan Abraham

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