A fond farewell – Sparrows Farm and Bar Latitude

Sparrows Farm

This summer sees the end of an era, as we bid a fond farewell to two legendary university institutions.

Sparrows Farm and Bar Latitude will close this summer after many years at the hub of student life, at Avery Hill and Greenwich respectively.

This comes in advance of an exciting new student venue, which opens in the autumn.

The response on social media shows just how loved Sparrows and Bar Latitude are, with an outpouring of memories. Both have been the scene for so many Greenwich friendships and romances, the setting for countless legendary student nights over the years – and quite a few infamous ones too…

You can read a statement here from the Students’ Union about the reasons why Sparrows Farm is closing.

In the autumn the Dreadnought building at Greenwich, formerly home to the library, will reopen after a major refurbishment. It will become the new base for the Students’ Union, and much more besides.

Among the new features at Dreadnought will be the Lower Deck, a 500 capacity social venue that we hope will create similar memories for the next generation of students.

It will also be available to alumni wishing to hold an event.

Bar Latitude
Dreadnought virtual tour
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  1. J P Johnson-Bowler August 13, 2018 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    It was ‘Thames Polytechnic’ when I came up in 1990, how ‘things’ have changed, and very much for the better. i remember the ‘accommodation’ was pretty rough and ready : steel windows that didn’t close properly.

    Having been born in Greenwich in 1949 it was a deliberate choice of mine to do my teacher training there, and I’m glad I did; I enjoyed every day that I was there – happy memories of long ago…

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