From teaching to entrepreneurship

Rebecca Daniel

Congratulations to alumni Rebecca Daniel who has won ‘Professional Achievement Award’ at the Kent Women in Business Awards 2019.

Rebecca, who graduated from University of Greenwich in 2016 with a MA in Education, won the award for Jigsaw Education, a social enterprise that aims to tackle illiteracy in her local community and to equip young people with the skills to excel both in and outside the classroom.

Through her experiences as a teacher and mother, Rebecca identified the importance of literacy to improving social mobility and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Consequently, her self-developed literacy programmes and collaborations with local charities, including The Molly McLaren Foundation, are helping to address some of these imbalances and provide a support network for young people and their communities.

Speaking about her time at Greenwich, Rebecca acknowledges that her degree was “important as it helped to further develop and investigate tried and tested approaches to tackling illiteracy”. Without her degree, she says, “Jigsaw Education wouldn’t exist”.

Rebecca’s ambition is to continue rolling out her literacy programmes, ensuring that hard-to-reach communities and disadvantaged groups have free access to her expertise and services. “Literacy development shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but as a necessity… It is vital to success in school, work and everyday life”.

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