Bank of China, HSBC and UN recognition for Greenwich graduate, Dr Kelvin Chan

When Dr Kelvin Chan graduated with a BA in Business Administration from University of Greenwich in 2012, he was inspired to use the skills and thinking acquired during his degree as a force for positive change.

In 2015 Kelvin set up Korean Corner, a Hong Kong-based distributor, importer and exporter focusing on quality creative Korean products. Since its launch, Korean Corner has become a market leader in the import of Korean products into Hong Kong and has expanded its business into South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and USA.

Korean Corner’s success has achieved international acclaim and was most recently recognised with a Corporate Environmental Leadership Award from the Bank of China and a Certificate of Excellence at the HSBC Living Business (Environmental, Social and Governance) Awards in Hong Kong. Kelvin has received many personal accolades for his entrepreneurship and was recognised with a Study UK Awards 2016 Entrepreneurial award by the British Council in Hong Kong.

Kelvin is also committed to positive environmental change and through Korean Corner has initiated GREEN Project, a sustainability project that encourages individuals and businesses to use 100% recycled paper across its activities. To promote the versatility, durability and creativity of recycled paper, GREEN Project has designed a series of sculptured masterpieces from 100% recycled paper and cardboard, including what was in 2016 the world’s largest cardboard sculpture, as recognised by Guinness World Records!

Late last year Kelvin was invited to speak at the United Nations HQ in New York about GREEN Project where he shared his ‘secret magic’ to engaging multiple international stakeholders about the meaningful impact of embracing sustainability. We’re very proud that Kelvin was the first Chinese entrepreneur to be invited to speak at the UN’s General Assembly Hall and look forward to seeing how GREEN Project develops in the future.

Congratulations, Kelvin!