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Alumni & Friends Fund

Contributions from alumni and friends are central to supporting the University of Greenwich’s commitment to pursuing excellence.

Each donation allows the university to keep pushing forward innovative and socially relevant research, and also to invest further in areas that go beyond traditional academic activities and are essential to provide an outstanding educational experience.

The Greenwich Fund is unrestricted, which means it gives the university the flexibility to allocate the funds when and where they are needed the most.

Your donation can support any of the existing funds or for new research projects and/or activities for our academics and students.

Contributions from alumni and friends have been central in fostering a dynamic community within the university. In the past years, they have supported socially committed research projects across all faculties that cover a wide range of topics: from anti-malaria treatments, to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Also, they have funded prizes for students with an entrepreneurial spirit or those who are engaged in community and voluntary work.

Donate to the Greenwich Fund and join the community of alumni and friends committed to make our university great.

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An outstanding university education that truly impacts people’s professional and personal lives goes beyond the classroom. It provides them with the opportunity to engage in new and varied activities that will give them the knowledge and skills to realise their ambitions.
Every donation will help to fund extra-curricular academic, sporting, and social activities. These will be organised by the Students’ Union in close partnership with the Student Experience Committee and the Alumni Office.
By contributing to this fund you will support the university’s commitment to provide a nurturing environment where every student can gain the experiences that will help them achieve their full potential. In short, your donation will help our students stand out from the crowd.
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At the University of Greenwich we provide an education, informed by research, for talented and gifted individuals, regardless of background, who aspire to achieve their full potential and make a difference to their own lives and to the lives of others.

Every year we encounter students who are unable to devote enough of their time to study because of financial issues and care commitments to children and relatives.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships for those who have the talent, but not necessarily the financial means, to study at the university.
“I am immensely grateful for the scholarship. Without it I would not have been able to support myself during my work experience which has now led to me obtaining my dream placement year. It gave me the motivation to succeed, and I have.”
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Sometimes in life we face unexpected obstacles and it is in these moments when we most need a helping hand.This is exactly what the Student Hardship Fund (SHF) does. By donating to it, you will help to provide small bursaries to students facing extreme financial distress so they can focus on their studies and be better prepared to overcome these challenges in the future.
The process to receive the bursaries is simple but rigorous. The students go to the Student Centre in their local campus and have a short interview with a member of the Student Finance Team who analyses the circumstances and determines if the person needs financial assistance and, if so, the amount to be granted.

It is worth noting that, in order to provide more comprehensive support, recipients of the SHF are also invited to participate in guidance workshops from the university’s Student Finance Team on how to manage their money.

During the last year, the solidarity of many university alumni and friends provided help for nearly 200 students, some of whom did not have the financial means to cover their most basic needs: food and accommodation.

Join other alumni and friends and provide a helping hand to our students when they encounter unexpected obstacles that threaten their academic pursuit.

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