Terayi looks north to a bright future

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Today Terayi is an analyst at global financial company Northern Trust. Just months after graduating with a first class degree, his prospects are bright. Terayi credits the unique partnership between the university and Northern Trust for providing the steps that led to his current success.

Hitting the high notes with the university choir

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The annual University of Greenwich Christmas carol service took place earlier this month in the splendor of the Old Royal Naval College Chapel. It was a magical evening where students, staff, friends of the university and local residents gathered to enjoy music from all over the world.

Alumnus Tom Dingley brings his #Outcome project to Greenwich

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I am very excited to bring my work back to the University of Greenwich and celebrate the launch of the book and exhibition, it will be the biggest showing Outcome has had since I started the project two years ago. I hope to see you there or get in touch if you are interested in being part of it.